opinion */*/*/

opinion */*/*/
UK [əˈpɪnjən] / US noun [countable]
Word forms "opinion":
singular opinion plural opinions
Ways of giving your opinion:
I think → the most usual and general way of giving your opinion I reckon → a more informal way of giving your opinion In my opinion/In my view → a more formal way of giving your opinion It seems to me/All things considered → used for giving your opinion when you have thought carefully about a situation If you ask me → used for giving an often critical opinion To tell you the truth/To be honest/frank → a way of giving your opinion when you know that that people may not like what you say Personally → used for emphasizing that you are giving your own opinion To my mind/As far as I'm concerned → used for giving your own opinion, when you realize that other people may not agree with you
I think if you work hard you'll do very well in the exam. It'll be cheaper to take the plane, I reckon. In my view, it was a big mistake not to try to buy the company last year. It seems to me that John's plans for the website are very convincing. All things considered, I think we were wise to cancel our flights. If you ask me, both Paul and Simon are being extremely immature. To be honest/To tell you the truth/To be frank, I thought the show was pretty awful. Personally, I think you should apologize to your brother. To my mind, the way she behaved was inconsiderate. As far as I'm concerned, tennis is a much more interesting sport than football.
Someone's opinion of a situation is like a description of what they can see from the place where they are. We want to get a range of different views. In my view, women should be paid the same as men. It's important to look at this from the child's point of view. From a personal viewpoint, I'd say the whole thing was a disaster. The book is written from the vantage point of the losers. I see things from a slightly different perspective. The Prime Minister spelled out his vision of the future. The way I see it/As I see it, people should take responsibility for their own lives. From where we stand, there's only one answer to that question. Try to see this from someone else's standpoint. Let's look at this from a slightly different angle. There's more to this than meets the eye. He accused his opponents of suffering from tunnel vision. She's always had a blind spot where her children are concerned.  understand
a) the attitude that you have towards something, especially your thoughts about how good it is
opinion of:

What is your opinion of her latest novel?

opinion on:

His opinions on European union are well known.

have a good/high/low etc opinion of:

He seems to have a low opinion of women.

give/express an opinion:

The students were not given the chance to express an opinion.

form an opinion:

She seems to have formed a good opinion of him.

be of the opinion that:

The doctor was of the opinion that surgery was unnecessary.

be of/share the same opinion:

My wife and I are of the same opinion on smoking.

a difference of opinion:

Despite our many differences of opinion, we remained good friends.

b) [uncountable] the attitudes and thoughts of a group of people
public/popular opinion:

Public opinion has turned against Senator McCormac in recent months.

informed/expert opinion:

We rely on expert opinion when deciding about technical matters.

Verbs frequently used with opinion as the object ▪  advance, express, give, offer, venture, voice

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